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Best GIF Cropper : How to Crop an An imated GIF8 min read

Best GIF Cropper : How to Crop an An imated GIF

Best GIF Cropper : How to Crop an An imated GIF
GIF Cropper

Best GIF Cropper. If you want to create and crop a GIF, you wish a special program or an internet tool to do this. there’s a large variety of ways in which you can crop an animated GIF, thus it’s tough to choose the simplest one. during this article, we are going to offer the definition of an ideal GIF cropper and introduce the top 6 gif croppers to help you discover the choice that is presumably to satisfy your needs.

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Gif Cropper is incredibly helpful that helps you take away unwanted components and black bars from GIFs. otherwise, you wish to crop a GIF as your YouTube profile image. thus, how to crop a GIF? Here’re the best GIF croppers that also permit you to edit GIF-like rotate, size and add text.

Top 6 Best GIF Cropper :

Before selecting a GIF cropper tool, you must decide that features you need most. First, this program or online tool must include a changing option, in order that you could flip a typical video file into a GIF. Preferably, this converting tool should support as several video formats as possible. It should even be easy to use even for those who don’t know how to crop a GIF and haven’t done this before.

If you don’t wish to spend an excessive amount of time on creating an easy GIF, the chosen tool has to process files as fast as possible. one more vital part of an ideal GIF cropper is multi-functionality; it’s extremely convenient when you want over working with GIF files. within the following article, you will learn about a GIF cropper which will also help you edit video, audio, and images, convert media files, record screen, and more.

1. Wondershare Filmora (gif cropper software)

Best GIF Cropper : How to Crop an An imated GIF
GIF Cropper

Wondershare Filmora is an easy-to-use but powerful video editing software that allows you to edit GIF files, like Gif cropper, reversing, rotating, splitting, cutting, add text and overlays, etc.

This program is designed for video editing and includes a GIF cropping feature similarly. It permits you to produce GIF files from videos and edit them: crop, rotate, reverse, add text, and more.

How to crop gifs with Filmora ?

  1. Import GIF file into program.
  2. Drag it into timeline.
  3. Right click on the GIF clip, choose, “Crop and Zoom.”
  4. Drag the rectangle frame to crop the GIF.
  5. Hit the play button to preview the result. Hit OK once you get the image you want.
  6. Click, “Export,” choose “Create Video,” choose, “GIF” as export format. you can modify the resolution of the GIF.
  7. Export and save.

Pros :

  1. The program lets you regulate the crop area and preview the resulting file before saving.
  2. The program includes a full-featured video editor allowing you to show a video file into GIF etc.
  3. after editing media files, you’ll be able to share them on to Facebook.

Cons :

The software requires additional disk space than simple GIF croppers.

2. Movavi Video Editor plus (gif cropper software)

2. Movavi Video Editor plus
GIF Cropper

Movavi Video Editor plus is a multifunctional tool for editing media files, as well as GIF pictures. With its facilitate, you’ll be able to create a GIF from any video file and edit it the method you like: crop, rotate, reverse, modification colors, apply filters and effects, add your own text, and more.

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How to crop gifs with movavi ?

  1. import GIF into the program by dragging it into the operating area or clicking Add Media Files.
  2. click the Crop button on the toolbar on top of the working area.
  3. adjust the cropping frame so that the excess components are outside it.
    You can also drag by the corners of the cropping frame to adjust it.
    When you are ready, click Apply.

Pros :

  1. you can choose the crop area for your GIF and preview the result before export.
  2. The program includes a big selection of editing options. you can crop and rotate GIFs, reverse them, modification speed, adjust visual parameters, add text, and more.
  3. you can build GIFs from a video files in any fashionable formats.

Cons :

You can’t share multimedia files on Facebook directly from the program.

3. GIFS.COM (online Gif cropper)

An online website designed for GIF editing, you can find a lot of attention-grabbing gifs created by alternative users on this website.

How to crop GIF with gifs.com ?

  1. upload the GIF file to the website, or paste the URL of the file
  2. select Crop
  3. Drag the highlighted area over the half you want to be in the final GIF
  4. All the darker area will be removed
  5. Drag the left angle to resize
  6. Click Save, Create GIF
    Save or Share.

Pros :

  1. stunning interface and simple to use
  2. allow you to blur, flip the GIF
  3. allows you to post the GIF directly on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Cons :

  1. Some effects cannot be previewed
  2. you have to sign up to export the gif.

4. EZGIF.COM (online Gif cropper)

4. EZGIF.COM  (online Gif cropper)
GIF Cropper

Another easy online tool for cropping and slicing animated GIF, PNG, and Web.

How to crop gifs with ezgif.com ?

  1. upload image from your PC or paste a URL, click upload
  2. select the Crop tool, drag a rectangle over the image
  3. Set the image width, height and adjust the ratio
  4. Hit, “Crop it”

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Pros :

  1. allows you resize, rotate, regulate speed, and add text/overlays
  2. cannot share on Twitter, Facebook directly.

Cons :

The final output result is not terribly correct

5. Iloveimg.com (online Gif cropper)

5. Iloveimg.com  (online Gif cropper)
GIF Cropper

This is a really light-weight GIF cropping tool that permits you to simply crop GIFs in no time, however doesn’t provide you with a good selection of editing options.

How to crop GIFs using iloveimg.com ?

  1. upload the image to the website from your desktop, Dropbox, or Google Drive.
  2. Crop your GIF by dragging the rectangle frame over the specified area.
  3. Click the Crop image button.
    The new GIF file are automatically downloaded on your PC.
    You can also use the image link for sharing.

Pros :

  1. This online tool is straightforward and extremely easy.
  2. The tool is incredibly light-weight and works quickly.

Cons :

  1. Some editing options aren’t enclosed, and therefore, the tool will only perform easy tasks like cropping GIFs.
  2. You can’t preview the resulting GIF image directly. to look at your GIF, you have to transfer it first.

6. GIFGIFS.COM (online Gif cropper)

6. GIFGIFS.COM  (online Gif cropper)
GIF Cropper

This is an online GIF editor that helps you crop and slice animated GIFs.

How to use gifgifs.com to crop gifs ?

  1. choose the part of the image that you simply wish to crop
  2. Press the “Crop” button
    A second later, a preview window will seem below the first image. Click “Download the result” to export the cropped GIF image.

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Pros :

  1. No need to download a program, free
  2. you can also resize, optimize, reverse, rotate, add text, split the gifs.

Cons :

  1. the ultimate output result’s not very correct
  2. Progress is slow because of a web connection.

Conclusion – Best Gif Cropper

If you would like to form a GIF online, the Filmora culture maker is your final answer. It helps you create an image, GIFs, and video memes directly without watermark. it’s wholly free to use and no signup. you can modify text size, color, and position to form caption when you are editing. you can also place text inside or outside in GIF. simply with some clicks, your GIF is completed. try it now!

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